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You may be at risk for serious health problems that often occur without any symptoms. Find a SmartBeat location near you!

Are you at risk?


Kur Diagnostics

A Physician-Based screening program

Receive noninvasive, preventive care screenings by professional trained technicians, including; Biometrics, blood pressure test, heart rate, pulse oximetry, lung function, retinal eye photo, EKG, echo, carotid artery ultrasound, abdominal aortic ultrasound, and a blood draw for clinic lab tests.

What We Do

We partner with leading medical centers throughout the U.S. to offer an insurance-covered, cardiac screening program that reveals your likelihood of experiencing heart failure, stroke, and diabetes.

Where We Are

Kur Diagnostics is a preventative care and cardiac screening program. The program provides results that show your present health risks, and helps your physician in developing a care plan to reduce your future risk of experiencing life-threatening health problems.

Who We Are

Practices: Bring Kur Diagnostics to Your Clinic

Do you currently offer cardiovascular screening in your practice?

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Patients: Schedule an Appointment


SmartBeat is a turn-key, physician-based, cardiac screening program.


To Schedule an Appointment, please contact your nearest location in Texas and Oklahoma and tell them you'd like to "get a SmartBeat screening."


At this time, please do not use the form on this website for scheduling an appointment. 


Clinic Support Center

2909 Cole Avenue, Suite 302, Dallas, Texas 75204, United States



SmartBeat is located inside of Clinics, Hospitals, and Physician's offices across Texas and Oklahoma. Please contact your provider to see if they offer SmartBeat or visit our Locations page to find the nearest location.

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