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Our certified KUR Diagnostics technicians operate within the physician’s office, so there is no need for outside referrals, or separate screening events, making the experience as convenient as possible for the patient.


The thorough testing includes a Health Assessment Questionnaire, Biometric Screening, Advanced Cardiovascular Tests, and a Blood Draw.

Reliable Results

Within a few days of the testing a physician will receive the KUR Diagnostics results and look over them. The physician will formulate treatment options, if needed, with the patient.

Comprehensive Screening Program


KUR Diagnostics exams are always performed in clinics with a Physician's oversight.

Clinical Setting

Advanced equipment such as specialized fundus cameras for digital retinal imaging, and more.

Advanced Equipment

Blood draws are performed in-house by experienced phlebotomists.


The Screening Program

Our Lifestyle and Medical History questionnaire is specific and simple to answer (only five Lifestyle questions). Available in English and Spanish.

Health Assessment Questionnaire

Professional Medical Assistants and Ultrasound Technicians perform advanced testing; Retinal eye photo, pulmonary function, pulse oximetry, EKG, Echo, Carotid Artery Ultrasound, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound, and arterial elasticity or artery blockage.

Advanced Cardiovascular Tests

Similar to screening events offered by employers and communities, these include tests to determine Blood Pressure, BMI, Waist-to-Hip ratio, and heart rate.

Biometric Screening

A blood draw for clinical lab tests include a Lipid profile, CMP, Male/Female hormone panel, and additional labs that are relevant to understanding a patient's cardiovascular health.

Blood Draw

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